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Can a Plant Heal Cancer Patients?

Mirko Beljanski's research into plants that can affect and heal cancer is finally getting the respect it deserves -- 18 years after his death.
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Eureka! It Really Takes Years of Hard Work - New York Times

WE'VE all heard the tales of the apple falling on Newton's head and Archimedes leaping naked from his bath shrieking "Eureka!" Many of us have even heard that eBay was created by a guy who realized that he could help his fiancée sell Pez dispensers online.
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US Scientists Are Leaving The Country And Taking The Innovation Economy With Them

America is starving research scientists of the funds they need to do their groundbreaking work. In response, many of them are preparing to go overseas, which would destroy the innovation economy.
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Anatomy & Physiology Workbook For Dummies

From the skeleton to skin to its systems - get a grip on the human body Pursuing a career as a health care professional? Need to understand how the human body works? No problem - this hands-on workbook gets you up to speed in anatomy and physiology facts in a focused, step-by-step manner.
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Unboxed - Innovation Should Mean More Jobs, Not Fewer -

CREATING new jobs is a good way to get America's economy moving again. That's not the controversial part of President-elect Barack Obama's economic stimulus plans. As usual, the devil is in the details. And innovation advocates fear that if the devil runs amok, a short-sighted emphasis on jobs over long-term productivity may bog down the economic recovery.
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Unboxed - It's No Time to Forget About Innovation -

BY its very nature, innovation is inefficient. While blockbusters do emerge, few of the new products or processes that evolve from innovative thinking ultimately survive the test of time. During periods of economic growth, such inefficiencies are chalked up as part of the price of forging into the future.
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Tying the Knot: The Founding of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Dr. Carson also shared with the audience a newly released report, Tying the Knot: The Founding of Silicon Valley Community Foundation. This detailed case study, captured by award-winning journalist Janet Rae-Dupree outlines the candid details of a complicated merger between two, very different, community foundations (the Community Foundation of Silicon Valley serving Santa Clara County and the Peninsula Community Foundation serving San Mateo County). The union of these complementary, yet fundamentally different, foundations is told in this compelling case study that shares moments of inspiration as well as deeply rooted philosophical challenges in the creation of the largest community foundation in existence.
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Case Study: 99 Cents Only Stores' Efficient IT Infrastructure

It's not exactly what you'd expect to find behind the scenes at a retailer so frugal that it sells everything for the same rock-bottom price of 99 cents. Expensive computer gear and cutting-edge automation would seem anathema to a company totally driven by the bottom line. Yet the combination of up-to-date technology and a keen eye on expenses has been part of the secret to success for 99 Cents Only Stores. And the company has been mighty successful.
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Taking a Full Measure of the Future

IT managers may be called on to do any number of things over the course of a week, but there is one thing that they know they absolutely must do without fail: Measure, measure, and then measure one more time. Let just one number slide too far out of alignment with the others, and the dominoes start to fall. Keep everything in balance and systems hum along without interruption.
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Workplace Wellness | Cleveland Clinic Health

Tackling tobacco use, weight loss, nutrition and stress management on the job is good for everyone's bottom line. Struggling to work full time, care for her critically ill husband and contend with her own health issues, Valencia Reeves-McMillan doubted she could add one more thing to her already overloaded life.
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Novel Magnetic, Superconducting Material Opens New Possibilities in Electronics | SLAC News Center

Menlo Park, Calif. - Scientists have reached a crucial milestone that could lead to a new class of materials with useful electronic properties. In research reported in the Sept. 5 issue of Nature Physics , the team sandwiched two nonmagnetic insulators together and discovered a startling result: The layer where the two materials meet has both magnetic and superconducting regions - two properties that normally can't co-exist.

Creating the Heart of a Planet in the Heart of a Gem | SLAC News Center

Although materials scientists have theorized for years that a form of super-dense aluminum exists under the extreme pressures found inside a planet's core, no one had ever actually seen it. Until now.


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