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Survey: Integrating payments processing with ERP improves both

A desire to better integrate with existing enterprise resource planning systems is driving billing organizations to invest in expanded electronic payments technology, according to a new report jointly released by the research firm Ovum and payments provider ACI Worldwide. The third annual survey of 1,475 payments decision-makers concludes that most organizations already post payments to their ERP system in real-time, yet nearly 70% of respondents plan to expand ERP integration with payments processing even more over the next 18 months to two years.

SAP's Internet of Things platforms expands into machine learning

While enterprise resource planning software may have its roots in unifying record-keeping and reporting, its present and future are about fundamental digital transformation. That’s why SAP is expanding Leonardo, its Internet of Things platform, into machine learning, big data analytics and blockchain capabilities, said CEO Bill McDermott during his opening address at the company’s SAP Sapphire Now conference in Orlando.

Tyler Munis ERP to replace aging county system

One of America’s oldest counties in Virginia has jettisoned its aging enterprise resource planning system to buy new software from Tyler Technologies Inc. of Plano, Texas. York County will spend $3 million to replace outdated technology first implemented in 1988. “While upgrades through the years have added some functionality, (the old system) remains essentially the same as when introduced,” said County Administrator Neil Morgan.

ERP survey finds drop in costs and implementation time

Although ERP implementation costs and time spans both have dropped in the past year, according to a new report from Panorama Consulting Solutions, neither statistic is necessarily good news. In the 2017 Report on ERP Systems and Enterprise Software, 342 CIOs reported that their ERP system’s total cost of ownership was $1.3 million – down from $3.8 million in last year’s report.

ERP project gone wrong triggers $100 million lawsuit

Implementation of enterprise resource planning software can be fraught with trouble. In the case of brewery operator MillerCoors, it was fraught with more than $100 million in trouble. That’s how much MillerCoors says IT services firm HCL Technologies owes, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Illinois.
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Case Study: New PDI ERP system powers Retif Oil and Fuel

After piecing together various enterprise resource planning tools over the past few decades, managers at Retif Oil and Fuel in Louisiana knew their growing company needed an entirely new approach to ERP. But a general-purpose system wouldn’t do much good for Retif, one of America’s leading distributors of specialty petroleum products.
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With blockbuster drugs coming off patent, rising research and development costs and profit margins growing ever slimmer, biotechnology and pharmaceu- tical companies are feeling the pressure to find every business advantage they can. One of the symptoms of that pressure has been a kaleidoscope of innovative business decisions.
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Cellular Interactions at ASCB 2016

Among the myriad phenomena discussed at ASCB 2016, cell signaling and bacterial enzymes that set off eukaryote mating swarms were among the most intriguing. At the Logic of Signaling Symposium, two researchers—the Broad Institute’s Aviv Regev and Denise Montell from the University of California, Santa Barbara—discussed their work determining how cells respond to a variety of biological signals.
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Seeing More at ASCB 2016: Pushing the Limits of Imaging

While the scores of sessions conducted over the course of the 2016 ASCB Annual Meeting resonated with the meeting’s theme, “Following the Arc of Scientific Discovery,” the common message woven throughout the five days was one of newfound microscopic insight. Breakthroughs in imaging are showing biologists for the first time cellular functions about which we previously could only hypothesize.
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Decking the holiday halls via ERP offers lessons for all companies

Decking the holiday halls via ERP offers lessons for all companies. When custom holiday ornament maker ChemArt Co. decided to deck its own halls with a new enterprise resource planning system, finding the right match wasn’t easy. The company, which has made the official White House holiday ornament for more than two decades, knew back in 2009 that its ancient Unix infrastructure would need to be replaced.
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Healthcare executives steer ERP investments cloudwards

While enterprise resource planning systems have become standard in nearly every U.S. industry, hospitals and other healthcare organizations have been slow to adopt them, according to a survey from consultancy Black Book Market Research. Describing the healthcare ERP software sector as “inert,” the survey noted growth of less than 2% in 2015 as hospitals devoted funding instead to medical billing conversion, cybersecurity and population health and analytics, among other priorities.
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Can a Plant Heal Cancer Patients?

Mirko Beljanski's research into plants that can affect and heal cancer is finally getting the respect it deserves -- 18 years after his death.
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