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How to speed your ERP? All-flash storage offers one answer

If there’s one thing enterprise resource planning systems have taught businesses over the last few years, it’s that they need data, analytics and cognitive applications instantly available at all times. With that in mind, IBM has announced a new line of all-flash storage solutions aimed specifically at the enterprise resource planning and cognitive applications market.

New Life for Old Electrons in Biological Imaging, Sensing Technologies

Using leftover high-speed electrons from SLAC’s Linac Coherent Light Source, researchers have successfully generated intense pulses of light in a largely untapped part of the electromagnetic spectrum – the so-called terahertz gap. Terahertz pulses – T-rays, for short – get their name from their frequency, which is 1 to 10 trillion cycles per second.

Fostering Tolerance

Written by Janet Rae-Dupree on behalf of the listed author: A unique program draws on the lessons of history to promote tolerance and empathy. Empathy is a fragile thing. Every day, particularly during and after this year’s presidential election, new incidents of bigotry, discrimination and bullying seem poised to overwhelm our efforts on behalf of social justice.
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Can a Plant Heal Cancer Patients?

Mirko Beljanski's research into plants that can affect and heal cancer is finally getting the respect it deserves -- 18 years after his death.
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Case Study: Big Ten Conference Scores with Cloud ERP Software

Collegiate athletics’ Big Ten Conference has had a busy few years, growing to 14 member institutions (note, though, that no name change is in the offing), opening new headquarters near Chicago, and adding a second administrative facility in New York City. So it’s no surprise that it outgrew its legacy ERP software along the way.
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SMEs driving 160% cloud ERP market growth by 2021

Driven by increasing demand from small-and-medium-sized companies, the cloud ERP market is expected to grow 10% annually - 160% over the next five years to nearly $30 billion, new research has found. A report by research firm MarketsandMarkets puts the current cloud ERP market at $18.52 billion and calculates the growth will occur across industry verticals and in multiple regions.
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Eureka! It Really Takes Years of Hard Work - New York Times

WE'VE all heard the tales of the apple falling on Newton's head and Archimedes leaping naked from his bath shrieking "Eureka!" Many of us have even heard that eBay was created by a guy who realized that he could help his fiancée sell Pez dispensers online.
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Glowing Stem Cell Structures Light a Path Toward Understanding

Getting a clearer view inside a normal cell is a critical part of understanding what goes wrong when disease sets things awry. At Saturday’s sub-group meeting on the biology of stem cells, the Allen Institute for Cell Science debuted the first group of human induced pluripotent stem cells designed to provide exactly that level of clarity.
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US Scientists Are Leaving The Country And Taking The Innovation Economy With Them

America is starving research scientists of the funds they need to do their groundbreaking work. In response, many of them are preparing to go overseas, which would destroy the innovation economy.
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Case Study: Manufacturing ERP brings company up to speed at all levels

After business expanded eight-fold over a decade, parts manufacturer Quatro Composites knew it had outgrown its antiquated, spreadsheet-based data management system. But which of the 40 ERP systems under consideration would best help the company move forward? A wholly-owned subsidiary of Tec Industries, Quatro’s needs were multiple.
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Decking the holiday halls via ERP offers lessons for all companies

Decking the holiday halls via ERP offers lessons for all companies. When custom holiday ornament maker ChemArt Co. decided to deck its own halls with a new enterprise resource planning system, finding the right match wasn’t easy. The company, which has made the official White House holiday ornament for more than two decades, knew back in 2009 that its ancient Unix infrastructure would need to be replaced.
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Catching Single Molecules in the Act

The ongoing quest to delve ever deeper into a living cell has brought new insight into dynamic biological processes. But conditions inside a cell, including crowds of individual molecules, often flout the best efforts of modern imaging technology to observe activity. And that’s not to mention the fact that cells become unhealthy and die during time-lapse imaging.
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