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Case Study: Integrating e-commerce with ERP boosts insights

Specialty bedding giant Mattress Firm has partnered with business process and IT consultant Visionet Systems to create a centralized information repository able to integrate data from across all its myriad retail channels in near real-time. The transition unifies Mattress Firm’s ERP and e-commerce platforms to allow constant monitoring and optimization of all customer interactions and workflows.

Sportsman Boats floats on the ERP tide

Growing from six employees to 200 in four years is hard enough. Try doing that while adding an order of magnitude to the company’s manufacturing space. It’s no wonder Sportsman Boats needed a top-quality ERP solution – and fast. When the South Carolina boating manufacturer decided that Infor’s ERP software would fit the need, they asked Michigan consultant Godlan Inc. to get the system up and running.

Sage Group buys ERP developer Intacct for $850 million

North America’s small- to mid-market enterprise resource planning competition has taken a turn as British tech giant Sage Group acquires Silicon Valley-based ERP developer Intacct for $850 million. Although Sage is the world’s largest provider of software for small businesses, it has offered little to the US channel.

ERP integration streamlines cloud-based homebuilding processes

Managing the supply chain for building new homes can be a logistical nightmare. But enterprise resource planning systems have begun to work at untangling some of the knottier aspects of the construction industry. Just in 2016 alone, more than 150,000 new homes were built from the ground up using the Hyphen Network.

Telecommunications firm turns to ERP to shed new light on international processes

More than a year after it paid a whopping $795 million settlement to resolve bribery allegations, telecommunications firm Veon Ltd. has decided to adopt a unified enterprise resource planning system in a bid to improve transparency. Finance chief Andrew Davies said Veon, which renamed itself from VimpelCom Ltd. in February, said the ERP system is one element of a much broader company-wide transformation that will tie its operating companies closer to the company’s Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam.

County's ERP rollout doubles in cost over six years

It was supposed to cost no more than $21 million. That was six years ago. Now Loudoun County in Virginia has spent $40 million and counting to upgrade the ERP system for its schools and government services. But the project still is not finished. When the county’s Board of Supervisors voted in 2011 to authorize the $21 million contract with Oracle ERP system integrator Application Software Technology, they expected the new system would roll out in three phases over just a couple of years.

When ERP implementation goes wrong

It’s hard to recover from a failed ERP implementation, but at least there are valuable lessons to be learned in order to avoid suffering the same fate. Panorama Consulting founder Eric Kimberling says one particular client, whose name he understandably chose not to release, had an implementation that was a disaster from Day 1.

Epicor ERP smooths manufacturer's transition to fully integrated systems

After a decade of using home-grown processes to manage its back-end infrastructure, interior furnishings and manufacturing firm Havelock AHI of Bahrain decided it was time to bring in professional-grade enterprise resource planning. The firm, which has operations reaching as far as Russia and established branches in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, found that the customized legacy system could no longer carry the increasing scope and complexity of its business.

Medical isotope maker implements cloud ERP to leverage new facility

Doing business in a highly-regulated industry - particularly one overseen by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) - requires keeping close tabs on every aspect of production, without fail. So outsources and vendors must fit in seamlessly and reliably with their clients’ workflow and needs. Hence, when SHINE Medical Technologies went looking for an enterprise resource planning system, the Wisconsin-based medical isotope manufacturer had to find an equally demanding technology partner.

This Former Athlete Shoots for 100% in His Classroom and His Company: An Interview with Otus' Chris Hull

Chris Hull is a busy guy. He teaches 7th grade social studies in Highland Park, Illinois. He also helps run Otus, which he describes as a student performance platform—a learning management system that also spans classroom management, curriculum, and assessment. Hull and fellow teacher, Pete Helfers, started to develop Otus with cofounder Andy Bluhm after establishing a 1:1 computing program and noticing how much time teachers had to spend on technology, instead of teaching.
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Can a Plant Heal Cancer Patients?

Mirko Beljanski's research into plants that can affect and heal cancer is finally getting the respect it deserves -- 18 years after his death.
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Eureka! It Really Takes Years of Hard Work - New York Times

WE'VE all heard the tales of the apple falling on Newton's head and Archimedes leaping naked from his bath shrieking "Eureka!" Many of us have even heard that eBay was created by a guy who realized that he could help his fiancée sell Pez dispensers online.
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